Top 10 Things You Have to Experience in Zagreb


1. Have a cup of coffee.

People in Zagreb – as well as in Croatia in general – are mad about their coffee. For outsiders, it is difficult to understand how one cup of coffee not nearly as big as those you can get in renowned coffee shop chains, but one small, regular cup of coffee can spark several hours’ worth of talks. If you truly want to get to know Zagreb and its way of life, coffee is the best way to do it. Zagreb offers you a variety of coffee shops to choose from, depending on the decor, terrace and other special offers (there is even a café where you can relax and have your coffee while petting cats). Keep in mind, though, that cafés which serve both coffee and food are uncommon. There are some, especially in the city centre, but these are few and far between. Lastly, smoking is allowed in most cafés in Zagreb.


2. Party ‘til dawn.

Zagreb likes partying. Zagreb nightlife begins after midnight – most clubs and parties start filling up then – and, if the legend is true, to party in Zagreb is truly unforgettable. A group of friends and electro music enthusiasts founded the Tanzen Kollektiv – a group that throws a series of unforgettable parties hosting the best DJs. Tanzen parties are organised on a monthly basis. You can party like a star thanks to a special Priceless package with VIP backstage passes, signed records, promotional t-shirts, a bottle of a drink of your choice, six mixer bottles of your choice and six bottles of water. And of course – all of this in the company of the greatest stars.


3. Take a tour of Zagreb markets

Zagreb breathes through its markets which constitute an integral, important part of the city. Built at the site of old ruins of the city walls in 1930, Dolac market stands today as one of the unmistakable symbols of Zagreb, a place every tourist must-see. And for good reason – small farmers from all over Croatia gather on Dolac every day. In Zagreb – and the rest of Croatia – a lot revolves around the table and mealtime. In order to truly understand how food is prepared here, what and how Croatians eat, ensure your Priceless experience and take a tour of Dolac with expert guidance and then, to crown it all, prepare a wholesome meal. Which, of course, you will round off with coffee. Real coffee, just as it is made in real Zagreb homes.


4. Visit Sava.

Sava splits Zagreb in half, the “old” and the new (Croatian ‘Novi’) Zagreb. The Sava River Embankment is a favourite among people who enjoy walking and recreation of all kinds. If you are a fan of running, the Embankment is the place to go. We will let you in on a secret, too: the lap from the Sava footbridge in the west to Most mladosti (‘Bridge of Youth’) in the east and back is 5 kilometres long. And if you want to get to know Zagreb while running, we have a solution for you: a jogging tour of Zagreb guided by an experienced ultra runner (he will adapt to your tempo, worry not!). In the end, he will take you to try our traditional dough dish, ‘štrukli’. You can also download the SightRun app to guide you through Zagreb.


5. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships.

The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of the great Zagreb attractions, a place dedicated to loves that met their more or less infamous end. The Museum has travelled all around the world and come to house numerous “washed up” love stories. You too can leave a keepsake of your former lover, together with an explanation, or you can simply take a look at everything other visitors have left.


6. Buy an original Croatian souvenir.

You want something to remember your stay in Croatia by? We recommend original Croatian souvenirs that draw much from Croatian traditions. All of the souvenirs are hand-made and you will also receive original packaging including information about the product. Just for Mastercard users, there is a package of various Croatian traditional products – including beautiful lace.


7. See Zagreb – and Zagorje from up above

You can explore the city on foot (absolute recommendation, Zagreb is ideal for pedestrians!), by bike, public transport, guided tours or on your own, but there is probably no better exploring than that from – the air. Moreover, we can spice up this mix with the possibility of enjoying the delicious dishes prepared by the renowned Croatian chef Mate Janković during and after the flight... You will hardly find anything better than that – and that makes for a one truly priceless experience!


8. Spend two nights in one of the most prestigious hotels.

Hotel Esplanade is one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in Zagreb. It is located in the city centre and, having been built in 1925, it is probably the closest you will get to feeling the zeitgeist of the old Zagreb. And in order to complete this priceless experience, our Priceless package includes a limousine drive to the hotel, welcome drinks, romantic dinner prepared for you by the award-winning and much lauded chef of the Hotel Esplanade, Ana Grgić, as well as professional hair and make-up, and many, many other things. Sounds perfect for a weekend getaway, doesn’t it?


9. Get to know Zagreb from the Yugo.

The Yugo is one of the relics from the former country, a car that almost everyone here has driven. And one that regularly gave their owners headaches. Today it looks like a blast from times past. Luxury and incredible comfort are not its selling points, but what we can vouch for with the Yugo is time travel and some crazy, really crazy fun. Apart from the experience of driving around in a real Yugo, as part of the Priceless package, you can also expect surprise gifts.


10. Visit the Zoo.

There are lusher zoos in the world for sure, but the Zoo in Zagreb is located in Maksimir Park, a wondrous park that you can explore for days. There are several lakes and a thriving plant and animal population in the big park forest, and it is there, in this wild heart of Zagreb, where you can find the Zoo. And in order to make your visit truly special, we have prepared for you Priceless packages which give you, together with a family pass, a behind-the-scenes look as well as an opportunity to take part in the preparation of animal food with the workers at the Zoo.




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