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Commission Zagreb illustrator Lana Hudina to create a custom mug

The Experience

Make coffee or teatime a little more special with a personalised mug from Zagreb artist Lana Hudina, who specialises in whimsical illustrations inspired by the city and the joys of everyday life. You'll provide a photo and instructions for the artist about memory or loved one that you want to capture in a mug design. Lana will draw a full colour or black and white illustration, which will be printed on a ceramic or enamel mug, elegantly packaged, and shipped to your chosen address. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's Priceless

Sharing a custom-designed mug with illustrated memories of loved ones.


The highlights

  • Order a custom illustration from Zagreb artist Lana Hudina
  • See your memory as a drawing
  • Get the custom artwork printed on a souvenir mug



  • Price includes one custom mug, shipping, and packaging
  • Mug production takes 5 days; shipping time depends on the destination
  • By clicking "Book here", you agree to all our Terms of Use
  • This experience is non-refundable upon purchase unless otherwise noted
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€ 28,00

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