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Be a VIP at the Dubrovnik Summer Festival opening ceremony

The Experience

Have a VIP experience at one of the oldest European arts festivals with your special person. Escape to Dubrovnik for a three-night stay at the luxury five-star hotel - just in time for the opening of the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Spend the first two days exploring the city with free museum passes, and a private guided tour with the experienced guide and professional photographer that will make this stay truly memorable. On the third day attend the festival's opening ceremony – watch it from the boat in the Old City Port. Your stay will be rounded with an amazing fine-dining in the Old City Port at the sea-side terrace.  Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless

Having a VIP experience of one of the oldest European arts festivals with someone special.


The highlights

Attend the Dubrovnik Summer Festival opening ceremony

Spend three nights at a five-star hotel

Take a private city tour

Receive a festival gift bag and a city card that gives free access to cultural sites



Experience is available from 8 July through 11 July 2020

Price listed is for 2 people

Experience is valid for participants ages 18 and up, but children can come if the organiser is advised in advance

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This experience is non-refundable upon purchase unless otherwise noted

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