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Hike through Croatia's Gorski Kotar forests with a private guide

The Experience

Explore Croatia's breathtaking Gorski Kotar region with an experienced private guide. You'll be joined by a local expert from the Lynx and Fox tour company for the trek, giving you and a companion an insider's look into the densely forested area often called the green lungs of Croatia. You'll see the region's lush valleys and soaring peaks while enjoying homemade snacks and a tasty lunch. Plus, you'll receive a local souvenir to take home. Exclusively for Mastercard cardholders.


What's priceless

Seeing the wonders of an enchanting Croatian forest with a fellow adventurer.


The highlights

  • Go on a day hike in Gorski Kotar with a private guide
  • See the flora and fauna that are unique to this remote region
  • Stay satiated with snacks, tastings, and lunch



  • Experience is available until further notice, upon reservation
  • Experience is for 2 people
  • Price listed is for 2 people
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